Safe House, Plumbing Services teams of qualified plumbers work throughout London and the south of the UK on a daily basis. Plumbing problems are often the reason for emergency call-outs. Safehouse pride itself on fast response times and effective repairs, instals of boilers, blocked toilets or drains, leaks or overflows.

Plumbers in London

Safe House offers plumbing services to clients throughout London and the South of the UK. We work for letting agents, landlords, and homeowners, taking care of plumbing emergencies and routine maintenance. Our highly experienced, qualified plumbers are ready to take on any plumbing issue. We don't just fix the problems we encounter, but we also make sure you understand the issue and how we intend to fix it. In addition, if there's anything you can do to prevent the same problem from arising in the future, our plumbers will advise you on what measures you can take.

We take pride in our rapid response times and the quality of our work; we will never leave a job unfinished and we'll always make sure to explain what we are doing and why at every stage. From boiler repairs to blocked drains and toilets, no job is too big or too small for our team.

Whether your plumbing requires maintenance, you have new fixtures that need installing, or you're facing an urgent plumbing emergency, you can contact us via phone or e-mail today to discuss what services you need and obtain a free quote before you commit to using Safe House. Call us today to find out more.

our safehouse staff

Our professional team of plumbing engineers

Your home's plumbing is far too important to put in the hands of anyone unqualified. So whether you're facing an urgent emergency or you want to schedule routine maintenance to avoid problems further down the line, it's essential that only qualified plumbers who know what they're doing undertake the work.

Safe House only uses highly qualified and experienced plumbers to carry out work for our clients, ensuring your plumbing issues are dealt with professionally and effectively. We offer our property maintenance services throughout London and Southern England. Our plumbers bring years of experience to the table in addition to industry-standard qualifications. We seek out top trade professionals to join our team and ensure we maintain our well-deserved reputation for reliability and excellence. Not only can our
plumbers undertake work relating to all aspects of plumbing, but they can also offer expert advice and recommendations to help our clients keep their plumbing in perfect working order for as long as possible.

Call us today to discuss your needs and obtain a free, no-obligation quote. We are happy to answer any questions you have and help you decide precisely what services you require.

Plumbers in Central London

Trying to find a reliable, reputable professional plumber can be frustrating. With so many plumbing services to choose from, it's all too easy to find yourself dealing with lazy workers and sloppy workmanship. Safe House has a well-deserved reputation for excellence, backed up by a slew of satisfied customers throughout London and the South of England. We always put our customers first and make every effort to respond to requests promptly. After receiving your job request, we will contact you to book a suitable time to complete the job within 12 hours. Of course, every job is different, and we handle both large and small plumbing jobs. But we always aim to provide the fastest turnaround time possible; we aim to complete repair jobs within 2 days. As soon as we know what's involved in a job, we will make sure to communicate timescales clearly, so you always know what to expect.

Our gas engineers and plumbing team is ready to take on any plumbing work required in central London. We handle all aspects
of plumbing work, including regular maintenance, installations, and emergency repairs. Call us today
to discuss your needs and obtain a free, no-obligation quote for Safe House's plumbing services.

Plumbers in North London

Finding reliable, professional plumbers in North London shouldn't be difficult. But with such a saturated market, it's becoming harder and harder to pick out the most reputable services and avoid the cowboys. Safe House has a solid reputation that we have built up through years of hard work and dedication to consistently delivering high-quality work for our customers. All our expert plumbers come with experience and industry-recognised qualifications. We handle all kinds of plumbing work
for clients throughout London and southern England, covering routine maintenance, emergency repairs, and the installation of new plumbing fixtures.

After you contact us via phone or e-mail to request our services, we will get back to you within 12 hours to arrange a suitable time for one of our qualified engineers to visit, make a full assessment, and begin work as soon as possible. We aim to complete all work within 2 days where possible, but we will always communicate our timescales clearly, so you know what to expect.

Call us today to discuss how Safe House can help with your plumbing needs and obtain a free, noobligation quote for our services.

Plumbers in South London

Our professional plumbers are ready to take on any plumbing jobs for customers in South London. We have extensive experience installing, maintaining and repairing appliances, as well as ensuring that home plumbing infrastructure stays in good working order for as long as possible. In addition to undertaking practical work, our technicians can also provide advice and guidance on how to look after your plumbing and prevent future issues. Having worked on numerous plumbing jobs for customers throughout London and southern England, our technicians bring considerable experience and expertise with them, enabling them to complete their work to the highest possible standards consistently.

If you need professional plumbers in South London to help you with a plumbing emergency or regular maintenance, contact us today. We return all calls and e-mails within 12 hours and offer a free, no-obligation quote upfront, so you know exactly how much our services will cost. There are no hidden costs or other fees down the line, and we maintain contact with all our customers, so they always know what's going on.

Plumbers in West London

When you need a reliable, professional and efficient plumbing service, you should look no further than Safe House. Our engineers have worked for customers throughout West London and have extensive experience handling all kinds of plumbing jobs. We are ready to conduct regular
maintenance, help install new appliances and respond to any plumbing emergencies. In addition, our out of hours service ensures our engineers are always available when you need them.

Over the years, we have developed an unassailable reputation for producing quality work in a reasonable time. Of course, every job is different and some are more complex than others. But we aim to complete all repair work within 2 days whenever possible. From the moment we receive your request and contact you to book an initial appointment, we will keep you in the loop regarding costs and timescales, so there are no unexpected surprises throughout the process.

Call us today to find out more about our services and obtain a free, no-obligation quote. We respond to all work requests within 12 hours. If you have a plumbing emergency, you can call our office 24/7. If it's outside our normal office hours, your call will be forwarded to an engineer automatically.

Plumbers in East London

It can be hard to find a reliable business that's available at short notice to handle home plumbing emergencies, especially as the market becomes more saturated. That's why you need to know about businesses like Safe House.

We only hire top trade people to work for us, safeguarding our well-deserved reputation for reliability and excellence. In addition to handling emergency call-outs via our out of hours service, we can also undertake regular maintenance and assist with the installation of new appliances. We are a gas safe plumbing business that uses accredited engineers to respond to every call-out; you can be confident that safety is a top priority for us.

We serve customers throughout London and southern England, so we have plenty of experience working in East London. Contact us today to discuss how we can help with your plumbing problems and obtain a free, no-obligation quote for our services.

Gas safe plumbing company

It's impossible to overstate the importance of safety when it comes to any kind of home repair, especially those involving your home's gas, water and electricity supplies. There is often some overlap between plumbing and gas systems and it's essential that any work involving gas mains and gas appliances is undertaken by a trained professional with suitable qualifications. Unfortunately, not every plumber has the knowledge or expertise needed to work with gas appliances safely and
not every homeowner knows they need to check this.

Safe House only provides dependable, experienced, gas safe plumbers to undertake any work where gas is involved. When you hire us to complete maintenance or repairs in your home, you can be sure that safety is a top priority. We would rather delay the completion of a job than work in an unsafe manner. Therefore, it's important to us that we complete all our work efficiently while maintaining the highest safety standards possible for our engineers and clients.

We handle routine maintenance work, appliance installation, and plumbing emergencies. If you're looking for reliable plumbers in London, contact us today to discuss your needs and obtain a noobligation quote for free. After we receive your request, we will contact you within 12 hours and arrange for a gas safe plumber to visit your property.

Corgi registered plumbers

When it comes to maintaining and repairing home energy appliances, especially those involving gas or electricity, qualified, trustworthy professionals must carry out all work. Poor quality work can result
in potentially life-threatening safety issues. The Council for Registered Gas Installers is a registration scheme for gas installers working in the UK. Until 2009, engineers and businesses that worked with gas appliances were legally required to register with CORGI. However, while the scheme is now voluntary, it is still a seal of quality and an indication that you can trust the holder to work on gas appliances in your home.

To register with CORGI, engineers need to hold an accredited certificate of competence and demonstrate they have an appropriate level of experience and expertise to undertake gas work. All our engineers are registered with CORGI and its successor, the Gas Safe Register. Therefore, if you have any issues with gas appliances in your home, you can be certain that the engineers we send to attend to them are competent and qualified to take on the required work.

Call or e-mail us today to find out more about our services and personnel. We offer free, no obligation quotes to all our customers before work begins, and there are no additional costs or fees further down the line. In addition, we communicate clearly with our customers at every stage of the process.

24h emergency plumbers

A plumbing emergency at the wrong time can create enormous headaches for homeowners. From blocked drains and sinks to broken toilets, even seemingly simple plumbing problems can wreak havoc on your family schedule. Unless you invest time and money in keeping up with the routine maintenance of your home's plumbing infrastructure, it will inevitably fail sooner or later. But, of course, most of us are too busy to take on this kind of work ourselves. Fortunately, Safe House is on hand to provide emergency 24/7 emergency plumbing services to customers throughout London and southern England.

If you find yourself facing an unexpected plumbing emergency, we offer an out of hours service. Simply call our office on 0330 1221250. If your call comes in outside our usual working hours, it will automatically be forwarded to one of our engineer's mobile phones. Once we know the details of your emergency, we will arrange for a suitable engineer to attend as soon as possible. We also provide regular plumbing maintenance services to help prevent serious emergencies from cropping up to begin with.

Call or e-mail us today to find out more about our services and how we can help you. We provide a free, no-obligation quote upfront, and there are no hidden fees or extra costs to worry about.

Each of our plumbing engineers are highly qualified and experienced. We will deal with your plumbing issue efficiently and effectively, providing you with an explanation of the problem and the solution they have implemented.

One way to avoid emergencies is to ensure that your plumbing is well maintained and regularly serviced. We provide ongoing maintenance and servicing - as well as installation - for all aspects of plumbing including:


Ball valves

Bathroom installation, maintenance and refurbishment

Burst pipes

Central heating installation, maintenance and repairs

Drain blockages


Gutter cleaning and installation

Hot cylinder installation, maintenance and repairs

Immersion heater installation, maintenance and repairs

Kitchen installation, maintenance and repairs



Pipework installation, maintenance and repairs

Plumbing installation, maintenance and repairs

Pump installation, maintenance and repairs

Radiator installation, maintenance and repairs

Saniflo installation, maintenance and repairs

Sink blockages

Shower installation, maintenance and repairs

Stopcock installation, maintenance and repairs

Tap installation, maintenance and repairs

Thermostat installation, maintenance and repairs

Toilet installation, maintenance and repairs

Waste disposal installation, maintenance and repairs

Water tank installation, maintenance and repairs