Safehouse Services is a team of experienced professionals who provide property maintenance services for landlords daily—handling any issues that may arise for our clients in London and the south of England. 

We'll take care of everything from plumbing problems to roofing emergencies! 

Have you ever had a tenant call you at 2 am because there's no water in the house? Or a plumber who doesn't show up when he said he would? We get it. 

Managing a rental property and being a landlord isn't easy—there are so many things to keep track of and so many people who can make or break your business. And as if that weren't enough, you have to deal with the stress of finding reliable tradesmen who will do quality work at short notice.

Professional and Reliable Maintenance Team

Safehouse services can remove the stress of finding professional tradesmen you can trust at short notice, meaning you don't have to contact ten different tradesmen to arrange for work to be carried out.

If you're a landlord, we can take care of your maintenance and repairs so that you can concentrate on other aspects of running your property business.

We provide all professional tradesmen that work together daily for our clients. We have worked for some of the UK's largest letting agents for over ten years.


Emergency Maintenance Services For Landlords

Our emergency maintenance services can help landlords by providing quick and efficient solutions to unexpected problems. Our 24/7 availability allows us to respond to emergencies as soon as they arise, minimising the time your property is in disrepair.

Our services include emergency repairs, Plumbing, Electrical, landscaping, lockout, and heating and boiler services. We can handle issues like Burst pipes, broken windows, clogged drains, and fire damage. We can also remove debris and make repairs after storms and other natural disasters.

We provide an emergency maintenance number, 0330 1221250

Our tradesmen are available 24/7/365 for emergencies, whether something as small as a missing roof tile or something as big as a gas leak.

You can rest easy knowing that when an emergency pops up at one of your properties, we'll be there to fix it—no matter what time of day or night it is. Our expert tradesmen are always on call, ready to handle whatever problem comes their way.


Property Maintenance Services We Provide to Landlords


plumbing services for landlords

Safehouse services plumbing team are always on call and ready to respond to any issues our landlord clients may have, whether it is a leaking tap, or blocked drain or a burst pipe.


boiler services for landlords

Our team of gas-safe engineers work daily throughout London and the south of the UK. Provide boiler services from boiler breakdowns, boiler replacement, and New gas appliance installation.


Gas safety certificate for landlords

Safehouse services can take away the stress and worry of ensuring your gas appliances are up to date and code. We will book with your tenants a time to come and carry out the service and test and certify your gas appliances and supply a Landlord gas safety certificate so you can rest assured that you are covered.


EICR Certificate for landlords

EICR reports is essential to keep up to date. We understand this and can arrange to book in with your tenant to visit and carry out the electrical installation condition report. Making sure your tenants and property are safe. No stress and no fuss.


Electrical services for landlords

We provide electrical services in London and the south of the UK to landlords, homeowners and letting agents daily. If you have an electrical repair or need to replace an electrical appliance. Safehouse services can help you get the work done without stress or fuss. Our office will contact your tenant to arrange a date and time for our electrician to come and carry out the electrical work.


Roofing services for Landlords

Safehouse services have a team of roofing specialists who can take care of minor roof repairs or replacements.


Property repairs and renovations

When it comes to property repairs, it is essential to get it repaired fast, as the longer you leave it, the more damage can be caused, and the cost of repair increases. Our team will immediately put a plan into action to get the repair fixed, and we always will provide a report and images of what we found, the suspected cause, and how we repaired the damage.


Painting and decoration services for landlords

When a tenant moves out and you need new tenants in ASAP. We can get into the property and freshen the property up, helping you get that new tenant in as fast as possible. We also have an expert team of painters and decorators.


Handyman service for landlords

Safehouse services also provides handyman services to clients throughout London and the south of the UK. Covering any odd jobs our clients may have, from rubbish removal to building new furniture packs.

Safehouse Services is here for you. We specialise in Landlord property maintenance services throughout London and the south of England, and we've been doing this for over ten years.

We're experts at helping landlords maintain and keep their property and investments running smoothly. Our Clients know they can trust and rely on us.


Fast, Reliable Service and Best Rates For Landlords

We'll ensure you get the best rates on our services, so you won't have to worry about paying more than necessary for repairs and maintenance!

We'll handle all your maintenance issues for you, so you don't have to worry about a thing! We'll ensure that the work gets done quickly and correctly and get it done at a price that works for your budget.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.